The Kid Who Would Be King (2019)

If there was one word to describe The Kid Who Would Be King, it would be that this movie felt way too long. Whether it wanted to be a kids movie, an entertaining movie for adults, or something completely different, two hours is a long time to keep someone’s attention, when the story lacks all the right ingredients to be memorable.

I love the legend of King Arthur and every couple of years Hollywood decides that we haven’t had our fix yet so they alter the story of the King and the Knights of the round table to steal our money. I haven’t don’t any thorough research, but from what I know, King Arthur didn’t fight mystical creatures of the underworld. The Sword in the Stone may have powers beyond anyone’s imagination, but at no time have I ever heard of the sword being the ruler of light and dark.

On Tuesday night there was only nine of us sitting in the theatre watching this movie. Headlines online say this movie is in line for biggest box office flop in 2019 and we are only merely four weeks into the new year. I know the majority of the project funds went to Sir Patrick Stewart and Rebecca Ferguson, while the rest most likely went towards creating CGI demon knights who pop out of the ground at dusk. Those resources could have been used to come up with a better story, not enemies who fall apart at the slightest touch.

Personal attractions aside, I thought Rebecca was great as Morgana. She gave off a nasty look that was convincing as someone with cruel intentions. Then again this film is a kid’s movie so when she bursts into a fire-breathing dragon, I can see why it was labelled “frightening scenes”.

A little over the top and rather confusing with the rest of the more intense/romantic versions of King Arthur’s legend, The Kid Who Would Be King is the kind of stuff Netflix and Amazon would pump out, not a major movie studio. I can say you won’t miss much if you skip it, and you may not enjoy much if you watch it. 2/10

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