The Favourite (2018)

Today I finally found what all the hype was about in regards to The Favourite. Personally, this film is not the favourite to win Best Picture, but I understand why all three leading ladies, Olivia Colma, Rachel Weisz, and Emma Stone, are nominated for leading and supporting roles. This awkward love triangle is the heartbeat of the film. One has everything and more, while the new girl is looking to turn her rags into riches. Meanwhile, the Queen is a hot mess and can’t even walk. Unfortunately, her vulnerability is what everyone is aiming for and they all want to use this heartbroken woman to benefit themselves.

I was torn throughout most of the film because I wasn’t sure who I wanted to win the role of “favourite”. Stone’s Abigail character is ruthless, aggressive, and cunning. I liked how she managed to go from a no one to a someone. Riches spoil her though and she gets served up a dose of reality as the credits hit. Weisz’s Sara character is using the Queen to rule over the Kingdom and fuel her’s husband war conquests. I like how snobbish she is (because she has it all). She’s put the effort in to get to where she is, but power and greed is her downfall and after getting dragged through the woods by her horse, her life would never be the same. Even as I type this paragraph, I am not sure who I wanted to win and which character I liked best. I wanted each of them to get what they wanted and be miserable at the same time.

There were a few things I wasn’t a huge fan of in terms of filmography and the musical score. I’d really love to know why director Yorgos Lanthimos decided to film a good chunk of the film in a wide angle camera. Did he try to capture the entire castle in one shot? This decision took away a lot of points for me. If you throw in the really awkward and out of place score and I can’t be on the positive side of my score. Music often compliments a story, a character, or an entire film. Listening to the same piano key and violin string for five-plus minutes while everyone is talking is really out of place. Those sounds didn’t add any additional suspense or make talking anymore thrilling.

You can say why are you focusing on these little negative things when the overall product is fantastic? In order to be fantastic, everything needs to come together and I felt it didn’t here. Sorry/not sorry to disappoint. 5/10

One thought on “The Favourite (2018)

  1. Definitely agree with you about this movie. I watched it and don’t understand why all the hype about it. The acting is good, but not the best I’ve seeing. The story is interesting, but not profound.

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