Ranking All 11 Nicholas Sparks Movies

I love Nicholas Sparks movies, there I said it. I have yet to read any of his books but have seen all 11 major motion picture adaptations of his work. Most people who know me or have stopped by the site know I have a soft spot for romantic movies, whether they are heartfelt dramas or romantic comedies. I tried to piece this list together when I first launched the site, but a new film kept getting released, so I put it off time and time again. As Valentine’s Day approached, I thought it was a good time to put the finishing touches on the list and launch it. I can’t wait for all of you to disagree with my picks.

Warning: some of my thoughts may contain spoilers to the movie and overall story, so read carefully if you have yet to watch any or all of these movies. 

#11 (1)

My Thoughts: I consider Dear John to be the worse Nicholas Sparks movie to date. The romance between Channing Tatum and Amanda Seyfried was cute and charming, but when she ran off and married the other older guy (played by Richard Jenkins), I just about lost it. I felt awful for Tatum’s character John because he got played and was emotionally destroyed after finding out he had wasted his time. It’s one of the rare movies where Seyfried plays a character I really hate because she was just so cruel. For the record, I have only seen this movie once and don’t have any plans to watch it again.

First Time Watch: Movie Ticket #61 – February 23, 2010

Do I Own It? Never

#10 (1)

My thoughts: I will watch any movie that stars Richard Gere and Diane Lane. These two starred in Unfaithful, a dark drama about the scary aftermath of an affair gone wrong, so it was kind of awkward to see them in such a happy and loving relationship this time around. The most frustrating thing about this movie is the main character dies after finally finding someone to make him happy. After a long journey to make amends with a patient’s family and his son, he dies in some freak accident, leaving several people behind heartbroken. I have only seen Nights in Rodanthe once, but I am open to watching it again someday.

First Time Watch: Rental 2008

Do I Own It? DVD


My thoughts: Kevin Costner may not want to be remembered for being a charmer, but his numerous on-screen romances tell a tale of a man who knows how to win his way into a woman’s heart. In Message in a Bottle, he meets the lovely Robin Wright, and the two begin a beautiful romance after she finds a message he wrote his dead wife. Devasted from losing his first wife, Garret (Costner) refuses to believe in genuine love despite the best efforts of his father, Dodge (Paul Newman). Sadly, in what would become a Sparks trademark, the main character dies, pushing the audience to tears as we watch another love story wither away. (Most of you would be surprised this was one of the first 10 DVDs I ever owned, and I bought it on eBay back in 2001.)

First Time Watch: Rental 1999

Do I Own It? DVD


My thoughts: The Last Song is, by far, my favourite Miley Cyrus movie. I know she was Hanna Montana and has starred in several other films, but Ronnie Miller is one of her best roles, cliché or not. Her parents are divorced, and her dad, Steve (Greg Kinnear), has all but abandoned her and her little brother. When she finds out her dad is dying, she’ll move to his house by the beach, where her lifestyle and attitude will undergo a change that will change her life forever. What worked for the film and real-life was the chemistry between Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth, who recently got married. Why I rate this movie higher than the previous ones is because Sparks finally killed someone else who wasn’t the star of the film.

First Time Watch: Movie Ticket #74 – Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Do I Own It? Blu-Ray


My thoughts: I have a feeling that The Choice disappointed moviegoers across the globe. They may have valid reasons to dislike this movie, but on the other hand, there are a handful of things to enjoy about this film. The main reason why The Choice ranks so high on the list is because of our two leads. I like Teresa Palmer and thought Benjamin Walker was fun to watch as he tried his best to win over the girl of his dreams. I also enjoyed the supporting cast, which included Maggie Grace and Tom Wilkinson. The story here is probably one of the weakest ones Sparks has ever written (I understand I could be wrong). It is really tough to get emotionally invested in the main couple when one of them spends a good portion of the movie in a coma. Luckily for everyone, she comes back, and the film rushes to a rapid ending that just makes you wonder if this really was a Sparks movie or just a story written by someone else.

First Time Watch: Movie Ticket #711 – February 13, 2016

Do I Own It? Blu-Ray


My thoughts: Jamie Sullivan (Mandy Moore) was quiet, reserved, and well-mannered. She was a loner and the pastor’s daughter. Finally, she catches the eye of bad boy Landon Carter (Shane West), who makes it his goal to give Jamie a glimpse of the life she could only dream of. This charming high school romance made a lot of people cry when Jamie passed away after battling a lifelong illness. Her passing left Landon a changed person. A Walk to Remember has a lot of staying power in people’s minds because of the subject material. It is hard to believe someone so young and innocent could be taken away, but it is a reminder to enjoy the simpler things in life – like the wind.

First Time Watch: Rental 2002

Do I Own It? DVD


My thoughts: James Marsden makes a triumphant return in his second Nicholas Sparks movie (see The Notebook), this time as the leading man. I was excited about this movie, and the story did not disappoint… until the ending. When Sparks writes that someone can have the “best” of someone else, I would have never thought it would include hearts or other vital organs. Sadly our two main characters Dawson (Marsden) and Amanda (Michelle Monaghan), really needed to end up together. Years may have torn them apart, but there was such profound and passionate love between the two that this is probably the most heartbreaking Sparks ending yet. The story had two powerful couples (past and present), which really help tell the story with a deeper meaning.

First Time Watch: Movie Ticket #550 – October 17, 2014

Do I Own It? DVD

#4 (1)

My thoughts: There are a few people out there who absolutely love and adore this movie. Britt Robinson is cute, and Scott Eastwood is really charming, which makes them a pretty amazing on-screen couple. I liked their present-day story, but hated flashback couple, Ira (Jack Huston) and Ruth (Oona Chaplin). I really hated their story and the flipping back and forth to tell it! It may have been the actor/actresses playing the young couple or maybe the time their love blossomed. Whatever it was, I disliked it and felt it took any charm away from our young lovers Luke (Eastwood) and Sophia (Robertson). Now having said all that, the ending was quite fitting for the overall story, and it kinda brings a tear to your eye. Everything happens for a reason, with people coming and going all the time. Sometimes the special ones leave impressions that can last a lifetime. I thought it was sad the way one of the main characters died, but his death served one of the highest purposes in life and in any of Sparks movies. I ranked this movie so high because out of all the couples below it, Luke and Sophia are one of my favourites, even though they are stuck in a not so great movie.

First Time Watch: Movie Ticket #605 – April 13, 2015

Do I Own It? DVD


My thoughts: In 2004, the world had a chance to watch the most romantic movie of all-time. This movie would never make more money than Titanic, but no one went to see Jack and Rose make out; they went to see the ship sink. Seven years later, The Notebook came out, and Everyone everywhere fell in love with a beautiful couple of Allie (Rachel McAdams) and Noah (Ryan Gosling). They looked perfect together, whether they were fighting, making out, or playing in the water. Noel and Allie were just meant to be together, the last picture of soul mates. Together the couple suffered through the good times and bad times to end up in the same nursing home. Noel tried every day to tell Allie the story of their romance; only she doesn’t remember one of the greatest love stories ever told. What made this movie more romantic and realistic was that their forbidden love leads them to reunite after years apart, only to die together at the end. If you just got mad at me for spoiling the ending, just stop pretending you haven’t seen The Notebook yet. Even though Sparks added to the drama by killing off both lead stars, audiences around the world didn’t get upset because the way they die is the most symbolic image of a true love that lasts a lifetime. The Notebook has dropped a few spots over the years because it’s 2019, and this movie is already 15 years old. Despite whether or not you and I love it, The Notebook is the movie every single new romance movie is ultimately (secretly) compared to.

First Time Watch: Rental Summer 2004

Do I Own It? Blu-Ray


My thoughts: In the summer of 2012, I was dying to see The Lucky One from the moment the trailer was released. I think Zac Efron is a star in chick flick movies because he pulls off these types of characters flawlessly. In this story about finding an angel, Logan (Efron) leaves the US military to find the girl of his dreams, whose picture saved his life. As a stranger in a strange town, where the sheriff is her ex-husband, the drama will only get worse when his dream girl Beth (Taylor Schilling) begins to fall for him. Some people think Logan is incredibly creepy for just showing up at her doorstep, but he wants to meet her and say thanks. Of course, no movie romance would be complete without a secret that could make or break their budding relationship. Amazingly, Logan stays cool and calm throughout the whole ordeal because he’s found the one he’s meant to be with. After their first meeting, there’s an undeniable spark between the two and fate will not keep them apart. Sparks made me really happy by killing off the first “bad” guy, which was only fitting for this story.

First Time Watch: Movie Ticket #265 – May 1, 2012

Do I Own It? Blu-Ray

#1 (1)

My thoughts: I’m sure some of you read this far only to find out that Safe Haven is my favourite Nicholas Sparks movie and got upset. Some of you may have closed this post or just scrolled to the bottom to leave me a nasty comment. I get it, it’s okay. Remember I’m the guy who loves Twilight, so I am used to the teasing about my sometimes poor choice in movies. I choose Safe Haven to be the best Sparks movie because of the chemistry between Kate (Julianne Hough) and Alex (Josh Duhamel). I saw this movie twice in theatres and was severely shocked by the two major plot twists. I couldn’t believe that the cop looking for her was her husband, and Cobie Smulders’s character was just a ghost! Some may question my ability to read movies, but I did not see either twist coming. I find Hough to be charmingly beautiful in this role. She was desperate to escape and hide, to find happiness for once without the mental or physical abuse. Duhamel comes to the rescue as a wounded warrior raising two kids alone when he falls for the pretty new girl in town. From their first kiss, their playtime on the beach, and then their first dance, there is no denying the passionate love connection between the film’s two stars. I can watch Safe Haven over and over and still smile when this adorable couple finally makes it to the end together.

First Time Watch: Movie Ticket #380 – February 25, 2013 & Movie Ticket #383 – March 13, 2013

Do I Own It? Blu-Ray


Take a second to leave us your list of favourite Nicholas Sparks movie adaptations.

Maybe we’ll agree, perhaps we won’t, either way, Happy Valentine’s Day!

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