The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part (2019)

Are you one of those moviegoers who complain all the time about bad movies and how Hollywood has run out of ideas? If you are, then please do not go see The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part.

This film is the front-runner for worse movie of 2019. The second installment of a movie franchise we never needed was so bad that even WIll Farrell didn’t want to be seen in it. He still plays the “dad” figure in the human world part of the story, but all his lines are delivered off-screen. Another aspect of the movie that is so ridiculous that you will sit there and wonder why on earth are you sitting in the theatre, it would definitely be the singing. Little kids may actually like “Everything is Awesome” but the remix is even worse. Then the writers came up with the song “Catchy Song” that will get stuck in your head because it has like five words and they are repeated over and over again.

I’m not done bashing this movie yet because I just learnt that Tiffany Haddish played the Queen Lego character. Well, now that just about sums everything up. She’s one of the worse actresses who still get chances to make movies, and with the recent trouble she’s been in for her drunk comments at her own comedy show, I can see why people want to stay away from her projects.

Quite honestly, if they couldn’t come up with a good idea for a sequel, this movie should have never been made. Instead someone let Chris Pratt into the writing studio and he must have said, “why don’t we make a movie with me playing a good guy and a bad guy at the same time”, then he said “it will be a hit with the kids and adults because we can make fun of my other famous movie characters.” Clearly, someone loved the idea because that is really why this movie has bombed at the box office.

The best 28 seconds of the movie is Lego Die Hard Bruce Willis. So random. So funny. Thanks, guys for throwing one in for the guys who bring their kids to this garbage. 1/10

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