Us (2019)

There seemed to be a party and I wasn’t invited. It was at that party they discussed the finer details of Us and the vision Jordan Peele had for the movie.

I say this because every single review I’ve skimmed so far talks about the movie’s references to social structure and how it’s a modern “horror” story that could describe American society today. First, this wasn’t a horror movie at all. I was never scared for two seconds. I give the movie credit for upping the gore for the fans, but there isn’t really anything scary about it. You already know the red suit people with golden scissors is just the “evil” personality of all the man characters, so no big surprise when they arrive. Second, where on earth are these people getting this “message” about anything. I didn’t see any racism, repressed, or socialist ideas thrown into the story. I watched a bunch of people fight their inner personal demons with any weapons they found at their deposal.

I’m sorry but not sorry for thinking this movie sucked. I hated Annihilation last year, then spent 10 minutes reading an article about how the movie is a reference to cancer. My mind was blown. The movie was still terrible, but I finally understood the meaning. Someone should send me the finer details of Us because as of right now I didn’t see the big picture if there was one at all. Maybe that was the whole point, after all, it could be that Peele wanted everyone to come out of it with a different opinion, or maybe he was really focusing on something that went right over my head. I had to come to share my thoughts because I know I am not the only who thinks Peele is overrated. We are a small group, but we are out there.

The only aspect of the film that I loved was the dad, Gabe (Winston Duke). His sense of humour and comic timing kept me entertained. I couldn’t wait for the next predicament he found himself in because he always got out of it and would have some wise-ass remark to follow. 4/10

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