Greta (2018)

Greta showcases that the world is still full of mysterious people who do cruel things to one another. The innocent always fall prey, and even those with the best intentions in their heart somehow end up on the dark side. It truly amazed me that a story set in 2018/9 would be so simple yet dark and twisted in every way possible. I love New York City, but Greta showed me that even in a city of many millions, a single person could disappear, and it could take months to figure out the slightest clue.

I love Chloe Grace Moretz, so I enjoyed her character Francis, I also enjoyed her roommate Erica played by Maika Monroe. These two seemed like best friends and were there for each other even when they were tangled inside of Greta’s (Isabelle Huppert) web of lies. Her performance alone was worth a watch, considering she had a really high tolerance for pain and a no-quit attitude. She also played a high stakes game and never hesitated with any of her moves, so to watch one lie lead to another kept me guessing on what could and would happen.

I thought the ending gave the story and many characters, past and present, justice. It was totally unexpected, and when it unfolds, it was pretty awesome. Not on a level to knock your socks off, but good enough to want to pump your fist because you’re happy with the change of events.

I almost skipped this one, and after it ended, I was glad that I caught it. It was a friendly reminder that the world is a really dark place, and you should always think twice before you act. 7/10

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