The Hummingbird Project (2019)

The Hummingbird Project is not based on a true story. I sincerely wished it had been because it would have made this rather uninteresting story much more enjoyable. This film was a limited release and you’d be surprised at the lack of reviews out there. For those who caught it, they praise the performances of the main cast, Selma Hayek, Jesse Eisenberg, and Alexander Skarsgard.

Performances aside, I didn’t think there was anything captivating about the story. The greedy corporations of Wall Street will do anything to get an edge on the competition and make millions or billions in the process. These companies build their reputations on trust which is one of the major talking points of the entire story.

Quite honestly I couldn’t wait for this movie to come to an end. I found it to be really boring and dry. There are more secrets thrown around than there are actual truths. Despite every person in every scene filling out non-disclosure contracts, there was a heck of lot loose ends. It’ll leave it up to you whether or not you want to know if this ridiculous pipeline project is successful or not.

The crazy thing about it all is Eisenberg’s character’s determination to get it done even if it requires breaking the law. Money is no object when it comes to raiding the natural forest for the pipeline. People love the performance of Skarsgard yet I thought he never actually did anything special. With the exception of his appearance, he acted like any super nerd would in any other computer related story. He may pull the rug out from Hayek’s character, yet it all seems minor in comparison to the overall story. 3/10

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