Captain Marvel (2019)

It is 2019 and the Marvel Cinematic Universe finally found it’s a saviour. What started over ten years ago will finally come to an end this summer when Endgame brings an end to Thanos? I put the question mark because who really knows these days.

Captain Marvel is billed as the ultimate set up and prequel of about 20 movies all involving people who have superhero powers. Brie Larson was an excellent choice to play such a heroic woman. Her fearlessness and wit were her best attribute as she spends two hours trying to figure out her place in two different worlds. She doesn’t look like an ass kicker, though this girl can throw down with the best of them. She is supposed to be the most powerful of them all so it will be interesting to see where her character goes from here.

Jude Law is a really good actor. Say what you want about him, but when he gets to play a bad guy he excels in those roles. Whether is it a natural thing for him or not, he just sells evil and malice with ease.

There has been a lot of talk of comparing Wonder Woman to Captain Marvel. Although these arguments are warranted, these two stories and characters are not comparable in any way shape or form. Captain Marvel is going to save everyone, she is not just part of the team, she’s one of the de facto leaders. Wonder Woman is part of the team, not really a leader. They bring different elements to the table and fight off different bad guys. Also in terms of casting, Larson is like the girl next door, someone’s sister who you had a crush on. Gal Galdot is a supermodel thrown into a tight and revealing superhero costume. You can see that it is not fair to compare the two, especially since Wonder Woman is the far superior overall film with a lot more heart.

Also, I didn’t forget, Samuel L. Jackson as a young Nick Fury was pretty fun. He spends a majority of the film hanging out with Goose the cat who eats things. They didn’t spend the entire moving tying up all loose ends in the Avengers franchise, but they hammered home many of the lingering plot holes. I’d advise sticking around for the post-credit scenes, the first one is awesome and the second one is just for laughs…or is it? Also, don’t forget to appreciate the Phil Coulson moments. 6/10

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