Alita: Battle Angel (2019)

Alita: Battle Angel is the clear cut favourite to win Best Picture and Best Supporting Actor because Mahershala Ali is in it? That’s how those awards work these days right? Jokes aside, Alita kinda reminded me a lot of Mortal Engines, a movie that relied on CGI action scenes and characters to get me from one point to another. No one took either movie seriously and both surprised me because of the stories.

The ending of Battle Angel left me to wonder what could have been and what could happen in a later movie? I assume the film was meant to end on a cliffhanger, which if you were expecting a clear cut ending would dampen your mood. Quite honestly it fit the story which doesn’t provide a whole lot of back story and throws together a bunch of characters who mesh and some who don’t.

Some could argue this film underutilized its main cast or that their characters were not given enough to work with. I haven’t don’t the research but have come to understand this film is based on some graphic novels/comics so fans who expected a lot may have been disappointed. This movie has made it’s production budget back thanks to strong showings outside of North America.

Really this film has its own genre which would be hit or miss with the general population. That’s why Battle Angel is so hard to describe to you. Some parts work while others don’t. There is a lot left for you to want but that could have all been done by design for future sequels. I’d say watch at your own risk, not because it sucked or anything, the story may interest you or may not. 5/10

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