Happy Death Day 2U (2019)

Happy Death Day was awesome. The original movie gave us a unique twist to the groundhog day story that sometimes gets played out. The movie was so successful that they decided to give us a sequel, one we didn’t really need, but one that works so well with the origin story it was hard not to like it.

Tree Gelbman (Jessica Rothe) lived her death over and over again until she found her killer. We all thought it was hilarious to see her die and then wake up the next morning like nothing happened. It would be hard to replicate that yet this movie upped the ante and gave us even better death scenes. You know you’re in for a joy ride by just watching the trailer, so to see each death serve a purpose was what kept the movie going.

Most of you probably wondered why or how this all came to happen and some would say science doesn’t need to be included in a horror movie. Those would be valid points, except in this sequel the whole story comes full circle. We get the answers to how and why. We also learn the dangers of the unknown, especially when it comes to space/time dimensions. You would think I’m talking about something from Star Trek but I am not. I’m just talking about a science experiment gone wrong and the fun ways people go about fixing the problem.

Happy Death Day 2U is that rare sequel that is on par with the original. There’s a handful of more laughs in this one but overall there feels like more depth was added to the characters and their stories. You would need to watch the first one to understand everything that happens in this one, but when you do, everything comes together fairly nicely, while leaving the ending open for future installments. 8/10

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