Ray Romano: Right Here, Around the Corner (2019)

There is probably one small aspect of my life that no one hardly knows anything about, and that is, I love to listen to stand up comedy. I often joke that I’d like to take a comedy class and become a stand-up comedy myself, but my mind is always in the gutter, and my jokes are still in bad taste, so I fear that I would only get over with a small group of people. Having said that, I recently watched one of Netflix’s two billion stand-up comedy specials, Ray Romano Right Here, Around the Corner.

Filmed in two different comedy clubs in New York City, I got to admit I wish I was in attendance at the shows. Ray attracts a certain kind of audience because most people can’t stand his voice or his humour. I never watched Everybody Loves Raymond, but it was an award-winning show that drew millions to the tube every week, which meant he had to be doing something right.

I watched the trailer and gave it a shot. I can honestly say I almost peed my pants the first time through because it is that funny. Whether Ray’s talking about married life, health at an older age, his kids at college, or living in New York, there is something everyone can relate to in the material. I’ve watched it several times now and still think his bit on the Mount Everest is the best part.

There are hundreds of Netflix comedy specials out there now as they try to flood the market and your streaming devices with their content. This one may fly under your radar, and that may be a shame since it could be one of the best. Everyone has their own interests, if Ray Romano’s humour is one of them, then you shouldn’t be disappointed. 8/10

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