Hotel Mumbai (2019)

It appears that I lived under a rock in November 2008 because I had no knowledge about the Mumbai terrorist attacks prior to watching this movie. Maybe it was because I was still settling into my new home or the fact I had totally given up on watching the news in 2003. Either way, I was very curious about this movie.

It is always tough for filmmakers to take you into the mind of a terrorist, which makes Hotel Mumbai one of the best films to date in the genre. Whether it was the bad guys or the good people, everyone gave outstanding performances. Even the minor characters helped raise the overall story which is carried from scene to scene by the main cast, some survivors and some not so lucky.

Quite honestly, it is amazing that complete strangers were willing to risk their lives for others. Events like this bring out the best and worse in people, as well as the fight or flight mentality. After watching the film I spent some time doing research on the attacks. It gave me a greater appreciation for everything I witnessed in the movie. The film really hits home how touchy the subject matter is while allowing those who perished a moment to shine for their efforts.

Hotel Mumbai ranks up right up there with the best survival movies. Thanks to convincing performances by everyone and the great direction of Anthony Maras you really feel like you’re trapped in the hotel with the guests who are stuck fighting for their lives without any weapons. I’d highly recommend this movie. 8/10

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