Avengers: Endgame (2019)

We can finally talk about Endgame!! Apologizes for avoiding all your reviews and social media posts. To be honest with everyone, I was really excited about this movie because it was more than just a film, it was a cultural event. So as many of you probably already know, it was extremely hard to live a regular life without hearing spoilers.

I wanted to watch this movie because I wanted it all to end. Infinity War pissed me off beyond words in a review. I have just grown tired of the Avenger talk and endless stream of movies, I literally just wanted this to be the end. Most people know that Star Wars is one really long saga dragged out over decades. They decided to go quality over quantity. The Marvel Cinematic Universe decided to do the opposite and give us quantity over quality (sometimes). After so many movies in just a decade, it was time for all this drama to end, and wow did it ever go out with a bang.

When you break it all down, there is no movie here or opportunity for the Avengers to assemble if it wasn’t for a sewer rat crawling around in a van. I call total BS on this ploy, but it was the spark that ignited the fire. The rat angle was comical and really set the tone for the picture that was just as serious as goofy. You’ll probably spend the same amount of time crying as you will do laughing, and yes for the record, I cried a whole lot in this one.

The beginning focuses on Hawkeye and the events of the Thanos snap. These first few moments really hit home what the Avengers were fighting for. These people had gifts and would risk their lives to protect the innocent in a time of need. We all watched our heroes vanish with a snap, but it didn’t really hit home that millions of humans also vanished. The Avengers were a family who bonded in tough times and never felt defeat, until the infinity stones that is. It was one of the greatest story arcs ever told and didn’t disappoint. I say that because these people were complete strangers who came together to sacrifice the lives they knew for a better life together. Both in good and bad times there was always drama within the ranks and there was even a movie about a war between the group! The ultimate punch to the gut that was Infinity War, which was the straw the broke the camel’s back and crushed whatever we knew about the Avengers.

Lucky for fans everywhere, the endless list of characters in the Marvel Universe started to pop up with their own movies to showcase their skills to the world. Little did we know that every new character was going to be another soldier in the grandest fight the galaxies have ever known. Everyone said that when Captain Marvel showed up, it was going to be game over for Thanos, and even though she played a significant part in his defeat, she was not the one who struck the final blow. That honour went to an original Avenger. It was so fitting because the original ones carried the story to this part, whether through individual movies, or assembled movies, it was always going to be an original one who sacrificed the most. This whole story comes full circle with one snap, one that ends an iconic chapter of an ongoing saga, while clearing the path for new heroes to continue their fight against their own enemies.

The future is bright for Marvel, wait I mean Disney, because of the upcoming projects that involve Guardians of the Galaxy, Ant-Man and the Wasp, Spider-Man, Doctor Strange, and Captain Marvel. It is truly amazing the cast decisions behind all these Marvel superheroes. No matter what the original actors/actresses do from now, they will always be remembered fondly as an Avenger, which is what Endgame is really about. Yes, the story is about defeating Thanos yet again, but this three hour and twenty-minute movie is a swan song for the ones who got the story to this point. You get a chance to relive most of the first few movies but from a different angle. In every flashback, the cameos never stop and you’ll be pleasantly surprised how everyone who has had a major role in any movie made it back. These scenes paid homage to the better times and when our heroes were less fragile.

It is no surprise that the movie’s main talking point is time travel. You know the main objective is to get the infinity stones to erase all the events of the previous movie. This angle may sound cliche and very straightforward but it was not. That’s what made Endgame so engaging and made 3:20 of my life fly by. The movie never drags for a second and there really isn’t a moment where you could run off to the bathroom. Sure, you could nitpick one here or there, but every line and every action scene served a purpose, to remind you of the past and set you up for the future (finale).

There will be times when you may feel like all hope is lost, and then the final battle starts. Not to be outdone by any film ever made, this epic finale would make the people from Game of Thrones blush. Sorry, there is no battlefield covered in a river of blood, but this is truly a special moment in cinematic history. Forget all the CGI effects and embrace the moment for what it was, it was the end of everything we’ve ever known up until this point. As the iconic superheroes fight to the bitter end, you will be brought to tears as the ultimate sacrifice brings an end one of the cinematic’s biggest stories of all-time. 9.5/10


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