Little (2019)

The poster says “She woke up like this” when it should have said, “<– Movie sucks with her, Movie is okay with her –>”. None of three leading ladies could have saved this movie, which is just a poor man’s version of Tom Hanks’ hit movie Big.

Regina Hall is a pretty funny actress who has played a varied of roles throughout her career. Even her star power could save this movie from being a bomb. Her macho attitude doesn’t help her character or the story progress at any point. She’s loud, obnoxious, and rude with every word out of her mouth. Yes, the point of her is to wise up and fix her mistakes, but that doesn’t really happen so the whole point of the story is pointless in the end.

Marasi Martin does a great job as the kid Jordan Sanders, but when you are trying to be an overbearing adult stuck in a kids’ world, you are not given a whole lot of freedom to work with. She does her best, but to me, it wasn’t good enough for me to care about the outcome or the new attitude she’s supposed to gain for her adult self.

Issa Rae is the third wheel in the story. Her character is always the one who says yes and does whatever is needed to make her boss happy. I read someone’s review who said it was great to see her character finally grow a pair and stand up for herself, but when she took a few steps in the right direction and pretty much failed at every turn.

The story works but doesn’t work at the same time. It seems like nothing was gained except a few awkward friendships between kids and adults, and whatever the writers were aiming for missed all the marks. We have seen this kind of story before and lesser people have given the story more life than what you will find here. 1/10

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