Penguins (2019)

Penguins are my favourite animal, so naturally, this Disney Nature film about the little black and white birds would be a hit with me.

Personally, I love emperor penguins the most but you really can’t judge penguins by their species breakdown. We all know they can’t fly, look super cute when they walk and can do amazing things with their beaks considering they don’t have hands but flippers.

March of Penguins was an amazing movie and no matter what production backed another penguin documentary, it would be super tough to beat that film. Throw in the fact it was narrated by Morgan Freeman and it’s an impossible task.

Ed Helms takes a crack at narrating the adventures of an Adelie penguin named Steve. This young bird spends his Antarctica summer looking for a mate and having two babies. Helm’s humour carries the story as we watch this young penguin go from a bachelor to a father.

The movie doesn’t hold back on the drama or the dangers. Through in your face filmmaking, the crew capture the penguins in the water, running from the leopard seals, and protecting their eggs from skuas. You will also get a glimpse of what happens when one isn’t fortunate enough to escape.

Penguins is short in run time and covers an entire summer season from the odd storm to the ice buildup along the coast. The icebergs serve as a major roadblock for tiny penguins who must cross open water to find a new home in the winter. You wouldn’t think there would be drama associated with such an easy task, but it can be life-threatening and/or ending. This is a Disney movie after all, so expect a happy ending for all those involved.

I’ve seen the majority of the Disney Nature movies and will say this is one of their better productions, but not one of the greatest (despite my love of the subject material). It will be a joy to watch for all audience members both young and old. 7/10

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