Isn’t it Romantic (2019)

I wonder how many people watched Isn’t it Romantic and released it was just a spin-off of Pitch Perfect? Did you all forget that Rebel Wilson played “Fat Amy” and had this crazy stupid relationship with “Bumper” played by Adam Devine? Not to spoil the ending of this film for you, because we all know you didn’t watch it anyways, their characters in this movie end up together too!

This movie literally sucked from start to finish. I knew that from just watching the trailer. Even Liam Hemsworth acting “crazy” silly couldn’t save this film from being respectable. I thought the karaoke dance off was funny, but not enough for me to enjoy the time I wasted watching it. As I continue to write, I am trying to remember something I liked about the movie and there wasn’t anything.

Some may point out that I am not a Wilson or Devine fan. I thought their characters were a little over the top in Pitch Perfect and from their reconnection in this movie, I can see not much has changed. They both attract a certain kind of audience who appreciate their humor. I am not one of them.

Isn’t it Romantic is suppose to mock other romantic movies and I thought it did a terrible job at this one task. I haven’t seen Date Movie in ages, but I bet if I look back at that spoof it will be a lot better than this. 1/10

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