What Men Want (2019)

Eventually, someone was going to give us a movie about what men think. It’s been 19 years since What Women Want was released, which saw Mel Gibson struggle to understand what women want while struggling to avoid romantic feelings for his co-worker Helen Hunt.

Fast forward two decades and we find Taraji P. Henson working at an all-male sports agency. She wants to move up the company and become a partner but they say she doesn’t understand what men really want. She’ll fight tooth and nail to win over the future #1 Overall NBA Draft Pick Jamal Barry (Shane Paul McGhie).

What Men Want has many pitfalls and is about as cliche as they come, but the humor is there and that made it an enjoyable movie. I will never ever forgot the dog park joke and since I love sports, I appreciated the cameos and office talk. I liked how cutthroat she was because the sports agent world is really a nasty place to work. Connections and friendships will only get you so far. She was willing to destroy everything to reach that brass ring, only to realize once she had it, it wasn’t worth all the carnage in life. 6/10


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