Long Shot (2019)

Long Shot surprised me. I went into the film with little to no expectations given the fact that Seth Rogen starred in it. He’s never been on my list of my favourite actors and I often find his material off the charts and intolerable. Together with Charlize Theron, they made a winner here. Long Shot is definitely the comedy hit of the spring. There were only five of us in the theatre and we were all laughing out loud. The laughs were non-stop and even though the story is so far fetched, it was hilarious to watch.

Never would have I thought that Rogen and Theron would have such great chemistry together. Their unlikely friendship, relationship, and escapades are really the heart and soul of the movie. Nothing makes sense and that’s the best part of it. Never would this situation play out in the real world, but the entertainment comes from someone finally stepping out of the norm. Rogen always pushes the envelope with his sexual content and that didn’t change in this political comedy.

Most of you will laugh but my favourite part had to be the Boyz II Men performance at the beginning and the awesome music soundtrack. The music really complemented the funny and romantic stuff as it unfolded on the screen. The movie does feel a little bit long at two hours. I felt that I waited a long time for the “other shoe to dropped”. When it finally happens, with about 20 minutes left, the story rushes to pick up all the pieces for a happy ending.

I know it may be a Long Shot, but I would recommend watching this movie at some point, most of you wouldn’t be disappointed. 8/10

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