Robin Hood (2018)

Robin Hood 2018 was hung out to dry by critics and audiences everywhere. I don’t quite understand why people hated this film so much, but I’ve also wondered far more complicated things in life. I thought this version of the old tale was entertaining and fun. My favorite Disney animated movie is Robin Hood, so forgive me for having a little bit of a basis here. Taron Egerton is a really good action guy. He may be more famous for his days in Kingsman, but his athleticism makes him a believable person to play such an iconic role.

This movie steps up the action because it presents a different version of the man who steals from the rich to give to the poor. In some regards, it almost appears he’s willing to run and jump off anything in order to protect his identity and the assets he just stole. Although he tries to act like Batman to cover up his true identity, he fails at every turn and even though people are on the lookout for him, they are really too dumb to see he’s standing right in front of them.

Ben Mendelsohn is a great bad guy and Jamie Dornan is kinda just there. His character is a good guy who turns bad after an unfortunate series of events sends him down a dark path. I thought those two would make great villains in a sequel, but thanks to the poor performance at the box office, we may never get one. That sucks because Jaime Foxx is a really good sidekick in this one.

Love it or hate it, Robin Hood 2018 will fall somewhere in the middle of a long line of movies about the folk legend. It wasn’t the best and it was nowhere near the worse. If you like the main cast, I’m sure you can see pass any other flaws the film/story may have. 7/10

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