The Hustle (2019)

If you bother to ever watch The Hustle, you will have been robbed of either your time or money or both. I went into this film wondering how terrible the story and performances would be, only to be blown away by terrible the story and performances actually were. Why on earth did Anne Hathaway sign on to such a project? She has so much more class than this script could ever offer. However, this role is right up Rebel Wilson’s alley. Trashy and obnoxious is a way to describe her acting and nothing changed in this one, except maybe her performance was even louder than normal.

People in the theatre were laughing at the stupidity as it unfolded on screen. If I recall I chuckled once because Hathaway’s accent and performance is the only thing worth noticing in the picture. I will admit I was blindsided by the con job at the end and how the girls suffered a dose of their medicine. Even though the twosome grows to be a trio, which leaves the film with a chance for a sequel, this was really one of the worse movies I’ve seen all year.

If the guys in this film were stupid enough to fall for the girl’s lame parlour tricks, and you were silly enough to pay for this movie, then you deserved to hustled as well. 1/10

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