Poms (2019)


Poms will have a special place in many peoples lives for various reasons. I can say I wasn’t a fan at all and only laughed because this is really a silly story. It is, however, a heartwarming story, one that makes you think about your future and those who you used to know.

From the outside, you’d think that Poms is just a silly movie about old ladies trying to be cheerleaders. Instead, this movie has a much deeper meaning about coming to terms with impending death and living your life to the fullest. Sometimes death happens very sudden, sometimes we get to know it’s coming. In those particular times, it is all about how you react to the inevitable.

Diane Keaton’s character is really a nobody, but after moving to a retirement community and making friends, she ends up the driving force behind the whole cheerleader team. She finally found something that brought value in her life for the first time in a while, which allowed her to bring joy to a handful of others. All of the girls on the team needed a “push” to change their boring lifestyles, to find a new spark to enjoy all that life has to offer.

It was hard to get a feel for what the audience liked about the movie because it was just me and my partner in crime who attended the late show. With no one else in attendance, we critiqued the movie out loud and I voiced all my gripes with the characters and the story. Although it really wasn’t for me, there is something in Poms that would make most of you happy or leave feeling better than you did when you walked in. Since Disney is releasing another blockbuster next week, this film will see it’s theatre run come to a halt real soon. If you missed, there is alwats video on demand. 2/10

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