John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum (2019)

John Wick is really the ultimate American made movie. Jammed pack with guns, armour piercing rounds, bulletproof suits, knives, MMA fighting moves, and lots and lots of headshots, it really sums up the American culture in 2019. There’s so much bloodshed in this movie that blood banks around the world could be fully stocked by the end of this 2:11 long movie. In some regards, John Wick 3 is the comedy hit of the year. The amount of brutal violence is staggering and that’s the best part. I’ve always loved headshots and how assassins do it so casually. We joked about counting the number of dead people but lost count after seven. Bodies drop so fast and in bunches, it is really hard to count.

The movie is entertaining from start to finish but the fighting and killing wear on you as the movie progresses. If the story lags, John engages a gang of thugs and all is well again when it really isn’t. I was into the story and the direction of all the characters then the finale act starts and after a really long fight sequence I lost interest in everything. Originally I thought John Wick was the man. Then the second film kinda took a little away from the character, but this third one takes him down another notch. The writers probably thought if they kill seven people every five seconds, people will overlook the silliness of the story arc. This used to be about a man seeking revenge for his dog, now it is about a man protecting a friend, a hotel, and memory. Not to spoil anything for you, Chapter 3 is just a movie to kill time to get you to a fourth installment. The way this chapter ended made me realize I had been played and I lost much of the excitement I may have had for the future.

There are a handful of flaws in this movie, whether it is underutilizing characters or introducing new characters who don’t fit the original narrative. That is okay because John Wick 3 will just wow audiences with bullets and a high body count. Today’s thirst for blood will make up for anything and launch this movie to #1 at the box office. If you can look past the fact this is really like Deathly Hollows Part 1, Breaking Dawn Part 1, or any of the Hobbit movies, you’ll come to realize this franchise will drag out to some uneventful ending. Yes, I just compared John Wick to those kinds of movies, but that’s the reality of Chapter 3. 4/10 

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