Brightburn (2019)

If you ever wondered what would have happened to Superman after he crashed and grew up with an attitude, go watch Brightburn. Brandon Breyer (Jackson Dunn) had a pretty good life until he started to hear the voices and before you know it, will destroy his loved ones and the town he calls home.

Brightburn came out the same weekend as Aladdin, probably to give non-Disney fans something to do. Billed as a horror and sci-fi film, it follows all the same tired plotlines of thousands of movies that came before it. They didn’t create anything new here, except showing a world where good people with superpowers go rogue.

Despite the negative reviews, I enjoyed the story. It ends on a cliff hanger and left me wondering what happens next. There has to be more to the story, the character, and the destruction he causes during the end credits. Nothing in the film really grabbed my attention except for the ending, it makes me want to do some research and find out where the story originated from and what happened after the screen faded to black.

The one thing that people are saying is positive about the film is the death scenes. There is one part that I had to close my eyes because I couldn’t stand to look, but the rest of them were pretty cool and rather unique.

Overall, Brightburn will get lost in the Disney dominated box office. It will appeal to a certain genre of fans and those people will walk away impressed or disappointed. I went in with little expectations and enjoyed the performances. The movie doesn’t deserve a prize or anything, but it also never felt like a waste of time. 5/10

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