What We Bought Today: 2019 Topps Series 2 Baseball


I grew up in a small town in northern New Hampshire. As a kid, my town’s population warranted three sports cards stores, but by the time I was 15, they all closed. I stopped collecting hockey cards at that point and shifted my focus to other sports-related memorabilia.

In 2006 I got the itch to start collecting hockey cards again, and it turned out that the local Wal-Mart Supercenter had cards to sell. I bought everything I could get my hands on and tried my best to continue that trend when I moved here to Edmonton, Alberta.

It was well into my first year here that I came across the cities best card shop. I thought the places back home were cool, but this was like the mecca of sports card shops. Over time I would visit and slowly buy hockey cards here and there. Eventually, the urge was gone, and it would go away for many years.

Around 2016 I looked at my collection and realized I didn’t own a single Derek Jeter baseball card. My favourite baseball player was retired, and I never bought a single card while he played. That’s when I made the switch and decided I was only going to collect baseball cards from now on. I didn’t invest a lot at the beginning, and over the next few years, I spent even less. Then last year, in 2018, I decided to actually put effort into my baseball card collection.

That story brings us here to this post. The one where I decided that I wanted to blog about my latest purchases, showcasing the good and bad that comes with buying cards. Of course with every purchase, I dream of opening up a pack with a special New York Yankees card (anyone, I don’t really care) but as of this writing, I haven’t been so lucky.


Purchased – Hobby Jumbo Box

Base Set – #351-700

Missing – 1 (#546)

Extra Cards – 63





1984 Topps Baseball All-Star Relics #ASR-OS Ozzie Smith

MLB Logo Golden Anniversary Patch #GAP-MB Mookie Betts

1984 Topps Baseball Rookies Autographs #84RA-CB Corbin Burnes 


Collected: 6/351

#436 Kendrys Morales (0066/2019), #442 Reese McGuire (1592/2019), #506 Ben Gamel (1556/2019), #520 David Fletcher (1763/2019), #629 Myles Straw (1514/2019), #685 Billy McKinney (1329/2019), #696 Sam Dyson (0340/2019)

Memorial Day Camo / Father’s Day Blue

Collected: 1/25 (Camo) 1/50 (Father’s)

#566 Tampa Bay Rays (49/76) / #385 Ender Inciarte (32/50)

150th Anniversary

Collected: 2

#GP-33 Bill Mazeroski (052/150), #GP-18 Tony Gwynn (003/299)

150th Anniversary

Collected: 6

#470 Peter O’Brien, #465 Raisel Iglesias, #444 Stanton/Judge, #627 Freddy Peralta, #568 Giancarlo Stanton

Rainbow Foil

Collected: 5

#415 Bryan Shaw, #440 Dustin Pedroia, #497 New York Mets, #447 Springer, #526 Sandy Alcantara

150 Years of Professional Baseball Checklist

Greatest Moments: #1-25 / Greatest Players: #1-50 / Greatest Seasons: #1-25

Collected: 6/49

#GP6 Cal Ripken Jr., #GP13 Bob Gibson, #GP16 Alex Rodriguez, #GP35 Ken Griffey Jr., #GP42 Enos Slaughter, #GP47 Monte Irvin

Home Run Challenge Code Cards Checklist

Collected: 1/35

#HRC-29 Matt Carpenter

Iconic Card Reprints Checklist

Collected: 1/50

#ICR-75 Lou Brock

Evolution Of Checklist

Collected: 1/25

#ET-5 Radio Broadcast

1984 Topps Baseball Checklist

Collected: 3/100

#84R-AC Adam Cimber, #84R-DST DJ Stewart, #84-NB Nick Burdi

1984 Topps Baseball All-Star Checklist

Collected: 7/100

#84AS-AD Andre Dawson, #84AS-RY Robin Yount, #84AS-CS Chris Sale, #84AS-JB Javier Baez, #84AS-Fl Francisco Lindor, #84AS-JA Jose Altuve, #84AS-MS Max Scherzer

Significant Statistics Checklist

Collected: 2/25

#SS-25 Jacob deGrom, #SS-4 Trevor Story

Faces of the Franchise Checklist

Collected: 2/30

#FOF-26 Hernandez, Ichiro, Griffey, Jr, #FOF-10 Arenado, Helton, Tulowitzki

Silver Pack 1984 Promo

Collected: 8/50

#T84-26 Jacob deGrom, #T84-20 Eloy Jimenez, #T84-10 Chipper Jones, #T84-3 Alex Bregman, #T84-43 Danny Jansen, #T84-40 Manny Machado, #T84-34 Luis Urias, #T84-31 Andrew McCutchen

This was the first time I ever scanned my cards and put them in a post. I apologize for the long format and will play around with future posts. Like any card collector, I am open to trading cards the inserts. In a perfect world, I would welcome any Yankees cards in return. Contact me if you are interested or know someone interested. Prices for Topps 2 Series 2 should be in the August edition of Beckett. 


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