Once Upon a Time…In Hollywood (2019)

Let’s start at the beginning…I’ve never been a Tarantino fan. What got me out to Once Upon a Time was Brad, Leo, and Margot. How can you hate a movie with those three? Throw in Al Pacino and Timothy Olyphant, and you have a masterpiece in the making. Well, to be honest, this film was just okay. It was rather long and not overly entertaining. It is supposed to be showcase Hollywood in the 1960s but only focuses on one year. Tarantino said he wrote a film about Charlie Manson and his killings, but this really isn’t about the massacres or Manson. Centred around some events of the day, this movie is all about epic performances from DiCaprio and Pitt. I enjoyed the performances more than anything and advise people to alter their expectations about the material the film is based upon. 6/10

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