Angel Has Fallen (2019)

angelhasfallenAll good things have to come to an end. Now to say that the “Fallen” series was any good is up to your discretion. I loved the first one, Olympus, while the second failed to live up to expectations. You can tell in this third one, they threw some ideas around and tried to give it one last go. The story is believable and not believable at the same time. Military contractors really do pull the strings of the government, so the writers used that to their advantage. Yet our hero gets put through the wringer one more time and walks away unbroken again. What really sucked about this particular movie is the bad guys. They were terrible bad guys, and the writers did zero to build them up or hide them in the story arc. People will watch this because of Gerard Butler or Morgan Freedom. Some may venture to see how bad it really was. Others will pass, and that is okay. Either way, I’m happy that this series has been laid to rest. 4/10

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