Ad Astra (2019)

adastraI will begin by being honest, Ad Astra sucked. My opinions are based on several reasons. This movie was long and uneventful. I felt the story never took off, and when it landed, it hit with a huge dud. I felt that Brad Pitt should have just laughed at us while the final credits rolled. I know the majority of you understood what this movie was about. I think I missed the whole point. Nothing about the story made sense. That bothered me the most because there was so much potential here. I loved the space travel, the human bases on the moon, and how those bases helped humans reach the furthest parts of the galaxy. I never understood why Pitt’s character struggled to find his dad. How did one lost ship throw the universe out of balance? Nothing made sense. It felt hollow and pointless. I haven’t even bothered to look these answers because I just don’t care. I thought this movie was a colossal waste of my time. 2/10

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