Joker (2019)

If you clicked on this review to see that I gave the Joker 10 stars, you would be disappointed. Unlike my wife, who thoroughly enjoyed the movie, I did not. To be completely honest, I didn’t have high expectations, despite the press building this up. I didn’t like the character, the ending was very predictable, and I just couldn’t understand why Joaquin Phoenix went to such extremes. I knew it was going to be slow, and I didn’t expect a lot of violence. The best part of this movie release is the countless internet memes it spawned. I won’t fight the majority on this one. We can agree to disagree that Phoenix’s acting is the only thing that saves the entire project. I understood the social cues this movie played to, but I grew up with different Joker characters, and none of them were portrayed quite like this. Maybe that’s why I couldn’t get fully behind it. Now that I’ve seen it, I’d have no interest in watching it again. Good luck to those of you who do. 3/10

2 thoughts on “Joker (2019)

  1. I completely agree. For me, there was some sort of emptiness to the whole film. It felt like it was forcefully spoonfeeding a message but still ended up saying little to nothing. Phoenix’s performance is great it ended up being pretty blank and excessive personally. And nobody in front or behind of the camera seemed to know what they wanted to say. It’s just really not as deep or revolutionary as most are saying but I still somewhat liked it 🙂

  2. I actually agree, as I explained on my blog a couple of days ago (English version of the post coming out soon)! Phoenix is amazing, as he’s always been, but there’s little else to save in this messy movie made by a mediocre director…

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