En enkel till Antibes / A One-Way Trip to Antibes (2011)

A One-Way Trip to Antibes tore me in two different directions. First, it was super tough to watch Rebecca Ferguson in a role where she is a theft. Her personal life is a mess, and she has evil intentions to screw over our main character George (Sven-Bertil Taube). She is sly and cunning, using every opportunity to bail with a blind man’s fortunes.

What impressed me was how her character progressed throughout the story. She is really kind-hearted and desperately needs a lifestyle change. Thanks to her adventures with George, the opportunity will finally present itself.

Speaking of George, he is the heart and soul of the story. He is alone, and his kids are trying to suck whatever life is left in him. I absolutely hated his kids. Greedy and spoiled are not even the right words to describe them. So poor George is in a very vulnerable spot and has no one to turn too. He plans on tracking down a lost love in Antibes, and nothing will slow him, even his fading health.

There were a handful of moments I couldn’t wait for the movie to end. There were also a few times I thought the story swayed far from the point. Then there was this one moment where I almost cried. George and his endless pursuit really hit me. I wanted him to be successful, I wanted him to be happy. He may have been a pain in the ass to those chasing him down, but he was a great man. He deserved to find what his heart desired.

I do now own A One-Way Trip to Antibes but would not hesitate in the slightest to purchase. This film had so many things I enjoy in a story and would recommend it to anyone. 8/10



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