Strandvaskan / Drowning Ghost (2004)

Drowning Ghost turned out to be one of the hardest movies I’ve ever tracked down online. After hours of research, I finally found this rather unknown Swedish movie. According to IMDb, this is Rebecca Ferguson’s first credit movie role. Don’t get your hopes up, because her Amanda character is barely in the movie.

We always joke in our house that if a movie starts with death, it is going to be good. Although this movie begins with a girl committing suicide, the film was rather lacklustre. You could tell the story was one of those B level horror ones. Ther version I watched had English subtitles, but that didn’t help anyway. The story didn’t make a whole lot of sense to me. I feel like this revenge themed story could have been a hit in the late 1990s, not in 2004. Then again, I don’t live in Sweden, where this could have been successful. I kept thinking back to I Know What You Did Last Summer because it has a similar vibe. I also thought of the movie Urban Legend, where characters slowly get removed so the plot can advance. The ending will allow you to draw your own conclusions. I didn’t need to wait for that to know this was a really terrible movie. 1/10

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