21 Bridges (2019)

21 Bridges is a crime drama centred around a corrupt precinct in the NYPD.

It appears that every cop movie based in present times is focused on corruption. Are there any clean cop stories out there?

From the trailer, I was excited to see another film set in New York City and a detective chasing down cop killers. It looked intense and adventurous. Instead, this was your standard story of the good cop on the case, and the corrupt cops are trying to stay one step ahead and cover their tracks.

You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure out who the corrupt cops are, although there’s a turn at the end that may surprise. The ending was predictable and left me wanting a little bit more.

I enjoyed several aspects of the film, including the detective work, the New York skyline, and the cop putting an end to corruption. 6/10

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