Charlie’s Angels (2019)

In my defence, before any of you bring the hate down, I barely remember Charlie’s Angels (2000), so there will be no comparisons here.

Some say we didn’t need this movie. Some said, why not give it another shot. Unfortunately, Charlie’s Angels (2019) turned out to be a box office disaster. I don’t quite understand why since it was fun and highly entertaining.

The leading actresses don’t jump out at you, but all three are leading ladies in their own right. Their chemistry in the film is just what we needed in this blow ’em up and shoot’em up comedy. Different personalities and skills are what sets these three apart, yet brings them together as a team.

In an attempt to trick us, they lead us down one path to the bad guy, only to find out it wasn’t them. You may be disappointed with who the real bad guy turns out to be, or maybe you saw it coming the whole time.

I often say that sometimes you need to give a movie a chance, even if you are predisposed to hating it. I wanted to see this film because of Kristen Stewart and Noami Scott. Neither disappointed and the rest of the film was entertaining enough to keep me engaged and laugh. 7/10

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