Last Christmas (2019)

There are two ways to watch Last Christmas. Either you go in blindly, or you listen to the gossip surrounding the movie. We heard the rumours and went looking for every sign. It becomes pretty evident as the story moves along, so the search does distract from a fantastic story.

Emilia Clarke’s character is the heart and soul of the story arc. She will melt your heart with a brilliant performance. There are endless opportunities to shed tears and watch your heart grow through her character.

This is not the perfect holiday movie, nor does it have to be. It sets out to achieve a fantastic story about second chances.

Life can be challenging at times. Whether or not we rebound from the tough times is what truly defines our character. Clarke’s character Kate is given the best gift anyone could ever receive in life. Through a series of events, she will see the person she is and the one she wishes to be. Only then will she come to appreciate the opportunity she’s been given. 8/10

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