Doctor Sleep (2019)

The Shining is one of the most legendary films of all-time. Jack Nicholson gave a performance that really captured what “the shining” was all about.

Fast forward 39 years later, and we got this sequel, Doctor Sleep, that no one ever asked for. Now, since I’ve never read the book, I never knew that the shining is something many people have in them. These characters set up the story about how to harness and protect their “shine.” As fate would have it, the ultimate showdown of good vs. evil will take place the now-famous run down hotel in Colorado.

This movie sparked my interest for one reason, Rebecca Ferguson, but it was more than her performance that won me over in the end. I really did love her as the bad guy. She was cruel and feisty, with no remorse for her actions.

The story builds up to an epic confrontation, and the mind games between the characters were intriguing. Things never felt forced, and the pace never lagged. The writers tried their best to intertwine the two movies, which will please the masses. 8/10

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