Playing with Fire (2019)

When Dwayne The Rock Johnson branched off from wrestling into Hollywood, he made a few questionable movies. We can all look back and chuckle at The Tooth Fairy because we now marvel at the fact Johnson is the highest-paid actor in the business.

John Cena is following his footsteps, with a few action-packed movies and comedies under his belt. Having said all that, Playing with Fire is equal to The Tooth Fairy, except it is by far worse. The story is ridiculous, and the characters will drive you crazy. You will cringe at Cena’s performance, along with Keegan-Michael Kay and John Leguizamo. Things are so bad in this film that Tyler Mane isn’t even listed in the top-billed cast, yet is in almost every scene. Nickelodeon had to have offered these guys boatloads of money because these roles are not what they are famous for.

I left the theatre wondering how this film got a major release. The story doesn’t work or make much sense. The back and forth personality changes are just terrible character development. It had a happy ending for the adults and kids, even though they failed at everything in this comedy. 1/10

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