Queen & Slim (2019)

When you strip down Queen & Slim down to its core, this film is really just another “Bonnie & Clyde” story, with different leads. What makes this particular version of the famous couple unique is the social commentary of 2019.

Racism ended many decades, but often people ask, did it really? Police brutality is a significant concern for most of the population today, including black people. You always hear about it, but rarely do you see a whole movie about it.

Yes, this is also a rather lame love story between two criminals, who probably would have never gone on a second date. They apparently fell in love because of the traumatic experiences they went through together and the fact they were both scared.

If I took anything away from this movie, it is that depending on who you are and the crime you committed, no matter where you turn, it’s over. I didn’t expect the ending to go down like it did, but you can sense it throughout the movie; it was their destiny.

Queen & Slim will genuinely be hit and miss at the theatres. 3/10

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