Midway (2019)

We all know by now that one of my least favourite film genres is war. Well, right behind westerns, I can’t bring myself to like those.

I enjoy war movies, and even though my major in college focused a lot on history, I barely remember anything about the world wars.

Midway was a pretty good war movie about an epic battle in the Pacific between the United States and Japan. Set hours after the bombing of Pearl Harbor, this all-star cast takes to the sea and skies to surprise an unsuspecting Japanese fleet, who plan on taking full control of the ocean.

Since these events took place in 1941, most of the equipment from those days have long been retired. The special effects in this movie were spectacular. Yes, some of the CGI fire is clearly fake, but the ships and planes are very detailed. Whether on the water or in the sky, you are thrust into the front seat of one of the world’s most impactful wars.

Back in that day, intelligence was the determining factor in winning a battle or a war. Midway showcases the strengths and weaknesses of the intelligence officers, who play just as vital roles as the pilots and ship captains.

Midway will never be Saving Private Ryan or Pearl Harbor. It is just a blockbuster war movie that should be enjoyed on the big screen. 7/10

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