The Addams Family (2019)

You must forgive me if this review is a little bias.

The 1991 and 1993 Addams Family films are a part of my childhood, much like my crush for Wednesday Addams was. Fast forward to 2019 and Wednesday happens to be voiced by a more current crush of mine, Chloe Grace Moretz.

Now that I have admitted all that, I absolutely loved this movie. The characters stayed true to their identities, and the humour was nonstop. The endless shenanigans had me laughing from start to finish. I didn’t want their adventure to end, but I hope the film is successful enough for another one in the future.

I thought the story arc fit perfectly with today’s society. The use of social media to brainwash people was a huge focal point as humans try to drive the Addams away. They may be weird and unusual, but they are really loveable and only want to be happy. I like how, despite someone’s evil intentions, people got to finally discover that on their own.

Despite numerous great voice performances, the lion has to be the best part of the film. 9/10

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