Terminator 2: Judgement Day (1991)

Terminator 2: Judgement Day is a modern-day masterpiece of filmography. Even though this film is pushing almost 30 years old, it is still a joy to watch.

I was 10 when this movie hit the big screen, and although I didn’t go watch it there, I have since enjoyed the experience at the theatre thanks to a flashback film series.

Computer special effects grew leaps and bounds in the seven years between movies. To this day, I am still blown away by all the unique sequences in this film.

No matter what Robert Patrick does in his career, he will always be remembered for this role. He took an advance mechanical being and brought it to life. He was a great antagonist who never ever gave up, even in his final moments. The T-1000’s powers blew moviegoers away because up until that time, we had never seen anything like it.

Another significant aspect that I like about the movie and the story arcs to follow is the fact that Model T-800, played by Arnold Schwarzenegger, became a good guy. He may have been deemed great character in the original, but he was by far more entertaining and engaging on the good guy team. 9/10

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