Terminator Genisys (2015)

The Terminator franchise is based on time travel. In an attempt to bring life back to a franchise that could have been on life support, they hop in the portal and give us the fifth installment; Genisys.

The best thing about this movie is it introduced me to Emilia Clarke. (Yeah, I was behind on the Game of Thrones stuff). Although she was criticized for being too young to play such an iconic character, Sarah Connor, I thought she was more than capable of being an action hero.

Arnold Schwarzenegger returns to play the Terminator, one who was reprogrammed to protect instead of kill. His role has always been vital to the overall story, whether he is killing or being a guardian angel.

As we travel from the future to the past, we got introduced to Kyle Reese (Jai Courtney) yet again and another timeline’s version of John Connor. Although Jason Clarke delivers an intense version of Connor, thanks in part to fantastic CGI effects, he is a prick in this one. If this was the intended version of Connor, well, I probably would have hated this franchise.

Together this star-studded cast brings a breath of fresh to the franchise, which will allow it to continue on. It was rather disappointing that no one starred in the new movie (2019), but as we know, this franchise makes up things as it goes. 7/10

Just to show how much this franchise as grown on me, here is my original review for Genisys from September 8, 2016

Sadly, studios continue to kick at dead horses hoping they come back to life. The only highlight of the latest Terminator film was Emilia Clarke’s acting and the time jumping sequences. Arnold is getting too old to play the same character again and again. CGI can only cover up his inabilities for so long before everything is exposed, and we get another bomb on our hands.

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