The Terminator (1984)

As I embark on the journey to cover all the titles in the Terminator franchise, I must say that the original one was rather lame.

One would assume in 1984, this was top of its class entertainment. A previous Mr. Universe winner (Arnold Schwarzenegger), made out of pure muscle, rip through the streets of Los Angeles, looking to kill a very innocent Sarah Connor (Linda Hamilton).

This movie was supposed to strike fear into people, by showing them that a future run by machines would be our ultimate demise. Given the date and time of the movie’s settings, the special effects are actually pretty good. Thankfully, things only got better from here, which allowed different writers and directors to bring their visions of this iconic story to life.

Now having watched all six movies for the first time, the overall story finally makes sense. For years, I wandered around with questions about characters, Skynet, John Connor, and Sarah Connor.

Now I may catch some flack for rating this film so low, but having watched it recently, I was utterly bored out of my mind. I’ve been spoiled most of my life by movies and their visual effects. I am a fan of later installments, which go above and beyond this one. This is just my humble opinion. 5/10

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