The Rhythm Section (2020)

Moviegoers across the globe understand that January is just a filler month on the release schedule to tide us over until Oscar night in February.

Having said that, The Rhythm Section did nothing to change the stigma that comes with lame January releases.

Stop me if you have this one before, a person loses their loved ones, thinks they can conquer the terrorists of the world, and then train to become one. Sadly, this plot was recycled from at least a few dozen other movies, where an ordinary person thinks they can be a hero. The writers didn’t bring anything new to the table, playing it safe and hoping that the leading actress would attract people into this lacklustre story.

Some could argue that this particular character took her depression to the extremes, while others will point out that her training was pretty weak. Many will just complain that this story didn’t pack the emotional punch; it makes you want to believe it is the real motive.

Of course, she was never going to be an elite assassin, so when the movie ends, it presents an opportunity for a sequel, which will you will leave even more disappointed than you were while watching the movie. 2/10

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