The Gentlemen (2020)

I understand that Guy Ritchie has a massive following. He does provide us with some pretty awesome movies. I happen to be in another group, one that doesn’t enjoy his methods of telling stories sometimes.

The Gentlemen looked fun. It featured a cast of actors and actresses who I would watch in almost anything. However, I found myself completely lost in this story. I understood the basics of the story (drug kingpin stuff), but thanks to heavy British accents, I often wondered what was said between characters.

I hate to take points away for that, but it’s true. The storytelling took away from the action of the movie. And if you have a hard time understanding the story, as it is being told, it takes away some of the fun you were meant to experience as chaos reigned.

There were some laughs, which was to be expected, but we didn’t laugh as much as others did. Ritchie is known to turn up the violence in his stories, and although this one is no different, it lacked the intensity I expected from the trailer.

We agreed after the film ended, it was a decent movie, just not as well as we had hoped. Personally, I wouldn’t watch this again, hence why I gave it a lower rating. 4/10

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