1917 (2019)

I watch a lot of movies. I’ve seen a lot of war movies. 1917 will probably win the Oscar for best picture in 2020. Quite honestly, it doesn’t deserve it, but I understand why it will.

I’ve seen so many better war movies. Most are about stories that will touch you and leave a long-lasting impression, like Saving Private Ryan, Hacksaw Ridge, and Black Hawk Down. 1917’s story was just “meh.” Nothing our two lead actors did was extraordinary. Their mission was carried out by hundreds of other soldiers who did the same thing time and time again.

On top of winning Best Picture, 1917 will rack up awards thanks to its cinematography. This film was shot and edited into one continuous shot. So either you are looking at the soldiers, or you pan around to see what they see. It was quite amazing. I applaud their efforts to make such a beautiful movie.

That’s where I draw my line thought. I think 1917 focused so much on the cinematography, that it didn’t put enough energy into the story and the characters. This is just my humble opinion, and no matter what I think, Sam Mendes and crew will walk away with the Golden Statue in February. It just doesn’t deserve it in my eyes. 6/10

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