Parasite (2019)

Two weeks ago, I had a chance to see Parasite. I was initially concerned because I find foreign-language films hard to follow and understand, even with subtitles.

Parasite changed those views because it was phenomenal. I loved this movie because it was a comedy, drama, and thriller all wrapped into one. There were also a bunch of horror aspects tossed in there to keep the story interesting. It never disappointed, and just when you thought you knew what was going to happen next, the script flips the page and throws your predictions out the window.

I laughed and gasped as the central cast manipulation the other main cast to build a better life for themselves. Just when you think everything worked out in their favour, think again. The ending even throws you for a loop. Whoever came up with this basic yet complex idea was brilliant.

Parasite was creative and will expand your imagination. You may have missed this film when it passed through your town, but whenever it becomes available, I highly recommend you check out this year’s best picture. 9/10

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