Fantasy Island (2020)

Fantasy Island is Blumhouse’s next best thing. The production company has come a long way since it’s inception while bagging some of Hollywood’s great horror movies like Get Out and now the Halloween franchise. Just when you think you can’t be surprised in today’s horror genre, let me tell you, Fantasy Island will keep you guessing until the credits hit.

I was impressed with the writing for this project. Every character has a back story and a reason for being on the island. When it’s time to live out their fantasies, things go from ordinary to crazy hectic in seconds. There is layer upon layer of storytelling here that you would never think you’re caught in a web, then you find out how everything is connected, and your mind is blown.

Despite some pretty good performances from the leads, the guy who stood above and beyond everyone was Michael Pena. He’s been brilliant in so many roles, but his role as the caretaker has to be a Top 10 career-best performance. (Sorry, I was not a fan of End of Watch, so that wouldn’t show up on my list.)

I was a tad bit skeptical of Fantasy Island. I thought it would end up a cross between Hostel and Saw, but in the end, it was on such a deeper level than those two could ever hope to be. I was impressed, and if you watch this movie, hopefully, you are too. 8/10

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