Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker (2019)

It is almost the end of February, which means many moons have passed since The Rise of Skywalker was released on the big screen. The Star Wars finale may still be playing at a theatre near you, but let me tell you, it’s not on at my house.

The final episode is the ending of one of the greatest stories ever told. Even though my favourite character wound up as the hero, the payoff wasn’t enough.

My best friend, a die-hard SW fan, requested I watch this movie me as a fan, not a critic. Sometimes it’s a fine line with no definitive edge, but I didn’t enjoy Episode Nine on either side of the coin.

This film was supposed to be an emotional, epic, and fantastic ending to the longest-running galaxy family drama of all-time. All those elements are sprinkled across the movie. They just didn’t come together like it was supposed to.

I will never destroy a Star Wars film in a review, especially with Daisy Ridley as Rey, but I just had hoped they returned to The Force Awakens magic, not a combination of Awakens and The Last Jedi (which was crap).

The Rise of Skywalker had many moments for the fans. It told a story with so many moving parts that it is okay to be lost or require a second viewing. That’s what Star Wars has always been about. A massive story told across many galaxies with so many memorable characters. That’s why so many years after the first one, it is still considered iconic. Sad that the finale didn’t live up to what the saga had been so famous for. 5/10

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