The Call of the Wild (2020)

The Call of the Wild was a good movie. People will dislike it for the unrealistic dog sequences, but once you look past all of it, you’d be pretty amazed at this journey.

We all have a burning desire inside of ourselves, to break free from our normal life and live out our wildest adventures. Buck, the dog, got to live all his dreams. Without even knowing it, those dreams allowed him to grow both in spirit and mind. He went from your ordinary house pet to a sled dog and then the leader of the pack.

This isn’t a movie about a dog and his adventures. This story is about finding the path you were destined for. Sometimes you need to escape the path you’re currently one to discover you were meant for something else entirely.

The Call of the Wild isn’t your typical dog movie. Most of them are about dogs who impact lives and how humans value their companionship. This film is about a dog in his natural habitat, one who returns to his roots as a wild animal who is free spirited.

You’ll probably laugh and maybe even cry. No matter how you feel, you shouldn’t be disappointed to catch this one on the big screen. 8/10

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