Leap Year (2010)

Leap Year is one of my favourite romantic comedies of all-time. I know it sounds crazy, considering lead actor Matthew Goode hates the movie and his role in it. (Look up the IMDb trivia) He may be a poor sport about the whole thing, but his performance is actually one of the best aspects of the story.

I loved so many things about the film. Front and center is the hospitality of Ireland, it’s traditions, and it’s many beautiful landscapes. The writing really played up the opposites attraction angle, and it worked really well. You may not think the one-liners are funny, but you may find yourself quoting the movie randomly throughout your day. (We still do that to this day)

The chemistry between our two leads is the heart and soul of it all and what keeps the adventure moving. Their differences go beyond culture and conflicting personalities. After spending an epic adventure across the country to Dublin, they came to realize how much they complement one another. The feelings only grow once they break through the proverbial glass ceiling and listen to their hearts.

It is hard to imagine this film is already a decade old, which means I’ve let two leap years go by without reviewing it. Timing is everything with these things, and it is only fair to get this review out on the day the movie is meant to celebrate.

Leap Year won’t be for everyone. There will be many Matthew Goode’s out there who just look at this poster, then read the synopsis and automatically hate it. For you hopeless romantics out there, like myself, you may just fall in love with the film like I did. 10/10

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