Spies in Disguise (2019)

It is hard to keep people entertained these days. Attention spans are down to microseconds, and no one really produces anything new and refreshing, instead just recycling the same thing over again.

Spies in Disguise may have stolen its entire story from countless other spy movies, but it was fresh and entertaining. I laughed and felt engaged throughout the whole film.

You can see what’s coming minutes before it happens, there are no new surprises or hidden tricks to dazzle you. Where it won points was the originality of presenting the same story again.

One could say this movie is about spies and fancy gadgets when they will overlook the fact this movie is about friendship. There may be some stereotyping going on, yet it is all about breaking the mould.

Kids will enjoy the animation, which was spectacular. Adults will find humour with jokes and sarcasm. Overall, Spies in Disguise will be a hit with the whole family. Whether you watched it at the theatre or waiting for it at home, I would definitely recommend the movie and welcome a potential sequel. 7/10

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